Samsung starts implementation of the Note 7 recall programme in Europe

Before, we had no idea on how Samsung planned to make sure that there recall and replacement programme for the Galaxy Note 7 worked well and now, they have released new information to depict how the whole thing would run but for now, in the European markets alone.

It is easy to start in this market because the official recall started a week to the shipping out of the smartphone to those in this region (due to the slight delay that they got in many parts of Europe due to the pressure on supply) and since a few people got it in this region, it is the most logical place to start and even test out the best recall style.

As we have previously stated, those that would be returning their devices would not be left stranded and without a smartphone because they would be getting a replacement from the South Korean OEM starting from the 19th of September. For this replacement program, they would be sending out new units of the smartphones that have better batteries and different ones to these ones that explode at the slightest agitation.

After the total hullabaloo of exchanges have been finished, they would then start to roll out the smartphone to this region as it was originally billed to be and for now, the best case scenario is that we start seeing the units in stores starting from the 20th of September. One more thing is that if you had made your own purchase in the UK, you would soon be contacted by the retailer or mobile operator you bought it from to better intimate you on how to go about your exchange.

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