Samsung Sued by Huawei over patents

A report came into our desk telling about Huawei’s case over Samsung. The company is suing its mobile tech rival Samsung over some claims that patents have been infringed.

Samsung Sued

The Chinese firm stated that they are now pursuing the mobile maker in two courts namely in California and Shenshen.

Huawei believes that its mobile tech manufacturer rival has been using company’s software inventions and cellular communications without permission from the developer.

As we contact Samsung regarding the issue, we haven’t received any response from the comment.

According to Huawei, the patents involved in the case were not yet disclosed.

However, the company said some of cases are classed as Frand referring to “fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory”.

So this means that the company has committed to offering license as they agree to non-excessive compensation.

The agreement was common in tech sector as making it possible for companies to communicate and share data with each other.

As to date, Huawei’s chief of intellectual property indicated that they are seeking permission to use Samsung’s technologies as return than asking for payments.

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