Samsung sued over the explosion of another smartphone unit

Samsung has been linked with a lot of issues that involve explosions these days and of recent, there has been another case of explosions on one of their deuces again. If you are thinking that we are making reference to another Galaxy Note 7 unit here, you would be very wrong because we are talking about one of the units of the Galaxy S7 Edge instead.

If you recall, we mentioned that one user reported that their unit got burnt while they were charging overnight and even when we thought that this was the first, there had been an earlier occurrence that was so painful to the user that he had to file a lawsuit against the South Korean OEM.

The device was in the pocket of this user when it caught fire and from in there, it caused him to sustain second and third degree burns, also causing his pants to melt so bad that they stuck to his leg and for all these, he had no choice than to sue the management of Samsung.

This experience marks the first time that Samsung has seen a lawsuit as concerns their battery units and seeing what is going on with the Note 7 units all over the world, this is not going to be the last.

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