Samsung to switch to Wearable Chips And Smart home if Mobile demand Declines

Samsung analyst are now looking for radical change it its product in the market, perhaps thinking of switching to product mix with Samsung and getting rid of its cultured devices that ride high on Smartphone market exploring on Chips, and home devices.


As the decade of Smartphone ends this year, and for the first time Samsung’s growth falls below 10 percent, this was according to IDC researchers’ prediction. The profits have been consumed by the sales shift towards the emerging economies, and many vendors are now under pressure for them to pack high end functionality device with middle priced packages for them to stay on the game.

So far, most Smartphone suppliers to date have failed, despite of its efforts to produce a superstar device that will pay off the handset slowdown. Tablet’s are now on its short day, Smart watches have huge difficulty find a factor which can attract mass market.

The demand for high device functionality at a low priced was the main dilemma for vendors. For the record, demand for Smartphone device will still be on the market, but people would be happy to pay it around 150$ but not $600 considering that the phone has the latest features it can offer. This demand will be a tough goal for most suppliers and might shift to another potential products in can offer to the market.

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