Samsung to deactivate Galaxy Note 7 units that aren’t brought for replacement by 30th September

Before the current issue of explosions caused Samsung to start recalling all of their Note 7 units worldwide, they had already pumped about 2.5 million of these phablets into the market and this makes the recall programme a big deal to consider for the South Korean manufacturer.

In different regions too, they have launched various programmes to help ease the burden of the recall on their customers like in the US where they have made sure that you can get either a Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge for the time being plus a gift card worth $25 if you had already paid in full for your Note 7 till you get the replacement while in other regions, you would just have to wait till your local store has the replacement units before you can do anything.

Because of the possibility of there being some units that won’t be replaced, a new source has claimed today that the Samsung units that are not taken in for exchange before the end of September would be deactivated remotely to ensure that there are no other explosions and to force the process on such erring users. The information was said to be courtesy of a Samsung rep and looking at this well, it is a most laudable innovative.

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