Samsung to take over iPhone 6 chip manufacturing from TSMC

A mixed reaction was reached when reports filtered in of Apple booting Samsung from making chipsets for the former.

However, in a dilema that has a setting like the popular 90’s cartoon show Tom And Jelly, it seems both cat and mouse cannot live without each other, despite wanting to kill each other on very many occasions.

Apple and Samsung
The cat and mouse being talked about are no other that Apple and Samsung, with Apple seemingly the cat chasing Samsung with the Koreans always finding ways to resist the enemy.

Apple was reportedly not happy with the man power of TSMC , the company they used in replacing Samsung for making System-on chips in upcoming products including the much awaited iPhone 6.

Samsung will take over from TSMC by the end of this year, or latest at the beginning of next year.

The the reports are not yet official. We will wait for some kind of official confirmation so you better digest this story with a pint of salt.

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