Samsung unveils the rugged Galaxy S7 Active

Galaxy S7 Active

Galaxy S7 Active

Smartphones are known to be very brittle, where a simple bump can destroy the screen and shatter it into pieces. However, mobile manufacturers have tried to resolve this issue by releasing their “rugged smartphones” that can withstand extreme weather conditions, water exposure among other things.

Samsung, in particular, have developed the best rugged smartphones on the market. Recently, they unveiled their latest offering to join their Galaxy Active and Galaxy S7 family – introducing the Galaxy S7 Active.

The fourth model in the Active series has survived all technical tests for rugged smartphones (water, dust, drop). Yahoo Tech stated in an article on said device that the “Galaxy S7 Active takes a bruising without looking like a bruiser,” as it was able to passed all tests while still looking like a premium handset. In fact, they also noticed that it has better aesthetical features than the company’s rugged smartphone designs. It was given IP68 certification for its dust-proof and water-resistant features. Additionally, the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 series was used on the handset, which is renowned for being extremely robust.

Aside from its durability, Samsung also gave the handset some impressive upgrades. They included a slew of premium features, such as incorporating Samsung Pay, fingerprint sensor tech, health trackers, and fast wireless charging. The new Active smartphone also boasts many technical upgrades, including a longer life brought about by its 4000mAh battery, a wider 5.1-inch super AMOLED screen, powerful 4GB RAM with 32GB internal memory, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with Quad-core power.

The tech company ensures all types of users will fall in love with the handset, including mobile gamers. Considering the power they placed in the smartphone, they are looking at getting more gamers hooked on the rugged device. Fahad Arif wrote in his WCCF Tech post that Samsung was aiming to offer Galaxy S7 users a “PC-Like Gaming Experience.”

Features that appeal to mobile gamers have become integral in generating mass sales on the mobile market. Mobile has helped drive many sub-sectors such as online gaming. Top gaming developer Gaming Realms even mentioned on their website that they are currently “at the heart of this revolution,” with 80% of their players now accessing their games through their mobile devices. The proliferation of 4G Internet has led to the increase in mobile players, and now they are planning to expand more of their popular games, such as Pocketfruity’s popular Egyptian-themed slot game Cleopatra and other online titles, to tap into the growing mobile and social gaming market.

What mobile manufacturers like Samsung have to keep in mind when creating new smartphones, is that if these gadgets don’t have the ability to play games seamlessly, they wont appeal to mobile gamers, and it will certainly affect sales.

Having a rugged device with powerful specifications like the Galaxy S7 Active ensures that any button-smashing and graphic-intensive game title will be provide an amazing gaming experience.

Although Samsung only released the Galaxy S7 Active in the US under an exclusive contract with AT&T, it is expected to be released in other key markets, including the UK, China, and India in the near future.

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