Samsung “wall huggers” ad slapped Apple so hard that…

Samsung wall huggers ad slapped Apple so hard that

samsung it soesn't take a genius ad
Apple had become so so pained by the latest Samsung ad which labeled the latter’s customers as being “wall huggers” for spending so much time on the sockets charging their iPhones instead of swapping in a removable battery like in most Samsung products.

The Cupertino, California, tech giant is reportedly seeking to end it’s 30-year advertising run with TBWA Media Labs, and to take matters into their own hands just like Samsung and some others.

During the Apple vs. Samsung trial back in May, evidence was surfaced of where Apple was pained yet impressed by Samsung’s Next Big Thing commercial internally, tasking their media partners to try and copy the Koreans.

Like in a street rap challenge, let’s see if Apple can throw Samsung off balance with some punch lines. We’ll bring you updates as the events unfold.

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