Samsung Wind Over Apple’s Patent Dispute

A United States court of appeals handed Samsung Company a good decision, the company win over Apple’s patent dispute.

Samsung Wind Over Apple’s Patent Dispute

The case has been long running, overriding verdict ordering Samsung to pay $119.6 million to iPhone. Two patents from Apple were issued and result to not valid, this was in accordance to the copy of the recent decision released.

The recent court decision was somewhat based on consumers choice and puts the mobile competition to where it originally belongs in mobile market not in courtroom.

In the past Apple filed suit on Samsung accusing the mobile giant infringing array of Apple related patents, Samsung then denied the allegation and fight for what it believed that they have not any wrong so they filed countersuit with Apple.

Both company battled close to dozens of countries, with a fight accusing each other infringing on some patents related to its smartphone and even tablet.

But both managed to convey its knockout blow with number of court rulings on different ways, and recently announcement has been released for them to agree to drop all its litigation outside United States and this suggested the end of the hearing battle.

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