Samsung won’t kill off the Galaxy Note 7 in home market…yet

​The US has gotten a kill date for their Galaxy Note 7 units already and in the region of Europe, Samsung is just giving the users there a slap on the wrist by rolling out to them anther battery capping update instead of killing off the Note like its doing with the stateside users. 

Again, however, Samsung has announced that they wouldn’t be killing off the device in its own home country likewise and would rather roll out the same kind of battery update seen in Europe to it.
Up until now, Samsung has managed to call back a massive 85% of all the units of this Note that they had launched in the market of South Korea, leaving the remaining 15% at a number of about 140,000 users who could be walking around with potential explosives in their bags and pockets. 
According to inside sources it has been claimed that Samsung does not want to suffer the backlash of its users by cutting them off now, and would do so when the return rate hits about 95%.

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