Samsung won’t recall Note 7 smartphones in China due to different battery configuration

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 started off to such a very great start and no one could have predicted what would then have happened after that. Unless you haven’t been conversant with the happenings in the world for a while now, you would also be able to note the number of issues that has been plaguing the device, starting from explosions from charging via the Type C USB Cable to battery explosions from other sources.

This has led Samsung on a spur to start recalling the units of this smartphone that they have launched worldwide and even made them initiate a swap program to get back the faulty ones and give out better units instead.

There is however hope for Samsung amidst all these because for their Chinese customers, they would not need to worry about recalling from this area because the battery units that they made use of on those that headed to this Asian country is very different from those that launched into other parts of the world, meaning that the Chinese need not worry about the quality of their smartphones.

One market less for Samsung to worry about, isn’t that?

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