Samsung working on long-range wireless charging

Samsung working on long-range wireless charging

No one ( for now) loves innovation more than Samsung. That statement should be proper somehow, at least now that Samsung have just debuted their curved display mojo.

According to ETNews (in Korea), Sammy (as they are spoiltly called by those who love them) is working on anew technology that will increase the range of wireless charging.

Samsung working on long-range wireless charging
The new technology will see users playing games, browsing, or doing some other stuff with their device while it’s been charged by it’s wireless charger some few feet away. The current wireless charging technique which is done via NFC, allows you to charge your device while it’s on the charging pad. Raise the device a few millimeters away from the pad and charging will stop.

Samsung is said t to be working with a New Zealand start-up called PowerbyProxi, who have received a $4 million funding from the Korean giant recently.


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