Samsung Z delayed to “further enhance Tizen ecosystem”

Samsung Z delayed

Samsung has further highlighted the scarcity of apps for it’s new Tizen mobile operating system as the cause for not releasing Tizen-powered smartphones yet.

Samsung Z picture
Last month, the Samsung Z was unveiled with a cool bunch of specs — a 4.8″ HD touchscreen display, quad-core Snapdragon 800, 1.5GB RAM, LTE, NFC, fingerprint and heart rate monitor among others — but then, the phone isn’t selling just as it should.

Not that there were no buyers for Tizen powered-phones, there isn’t yet enough apps for people buying Tizen-powered phones to download, and that has promoted Samsung to withhold the release if the smartphone until further Samsung Z delayednotice.

sees Tizen as a gateway from Google’s Android which powers most of it’s smartphones. Even though no shots have been fired (at least publicly), the two companies are having a lot unsettled differences lately and that has eaten deep into their relationship.

In Russia where Samsung had initially wanted to release the Samsung Z, a popular blogger and tech  analyst Eldar Murtazin says that he doesn’t see Tizen smartphones coming in 2014 at ll.

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