Samsung’s 14nm Exynos 7890 chipset on the way

Samsung is a company known for innovation (at least they’ve proved themselves on many occasions in the past) and now the South Korean tech giant wants to create the world’s first chipset based on a 14nm process (that’s super thin, you know?).

Samsung Exynos
According to a LinkedIn entry posted recently by Samsung Electronics, the company is looking for somebody who’ll be working on a 14 nanometer Exynos 7890 chipset as well asĀ  “the first 64-bit” processor, the Exynos 7650. Meanwhile, the phone maker is tipped to use an Exynos 7420 system-on chip for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 flagship device.

Exynos 7890 7650 LinkedIn
This would be the first time Samsung is ditching Qualcomm entirely in a Galaxy S device in many years. Several generations of the lineup — including last year’s Samsung Galaxy S5 — had both Qualcomm Snapdragon-powered and Exynos-powered models with the former usually being the most popular.

After crashing down in profits recently, Samsung has looked back to start using its in-house semi conductor brand, Exynos in other to start making money once again. Nonetheless, its quite a shame the company makes Apple A-series chipsets for iPhones (including the hot-selling iPhone 6) while being afraid to boldly use home-brewed CPUs in recent years.

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