Samsung’s Android Browser With Ad Blocking Capabilities

Samsung is adding a support for content their browser, identified as ad blocking plugins preinstalled on its Android phones. The mentioned browser pushed to Samsung phones with minimum of Android Lollipop or newer models will let users install helper apps that immediately block ads from all websites they visit.

Samsung's Android Browser

The update is similar how ad blocking works in Apple’s Safari browser in iOS 9. Content blocker reduces loading times and usage of mobile data, as web pages loaded without ads are much smaller than those with advertising enabled.

Content blockers caused quite commotion when iOS 9 was then released in the past, but once the initial hype died down, blockers fell from top ranks of Apple’s App Store.

Blocking ads and any other content on Android has not been as simple as installing a browser extension which preinstalled on Android phones, alongside with another browser.

The first content blocker will be available for Samsung’s is Adblock Fast, this will also be available for iOS platforms, Chrome and Opera for desktop. This application is is free to install and its open source, and already boasts around 200,000 users across various platforms. The company says that Adblock Fast decreases mobile load times on an average of 51 percent.

It is available to phones with Samsung Internet 4.0 via the Google Play Store.

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