Samsung’s Galaxy Note 5 (Gold Edition) goes on sale via T-Mobile


Samsung, the South Korean mobile phone manufacturer, are fond of making devices that appeal to virtually every market in the world, if not every market. However, with the launch of the latest flagship in the line of the Note devices -the Galaxy Note 5 – much fans were left dejected when Samsung made it public that this phone would not be made for European markets which was rather absurd as this was one of the world’s fastest growing mobile smartphone markets.

On introduction of this device to the United States however, Samsung conveniently failed to float one of the colors variants of the device and chose to peddle the White Pearl and Black Sapphire, leaving out the Gold Platinum variant in the process.

However, T-Mobile, one of the largest carriers in the United States, has announced the sale of the Gold variant of this device which marks some good news for those in that market.

You can get the model on Amazon also and if you are a fan, T-Mobile is the place to go.

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