Samsung’s Latest Dongle Accessories Enables LTE connection

Samsung expanding its line of products in the mobile market, and now they are getting into car connectivity business, so instead of building individual connectivity to new cars, the company gives the car owners the option to install LTE connectivity to it.

Samsgun lte accessories

This feature is from Samsung’s Auto dongle Connect that can be plug in to a car’s OBD II diagnostic port, this port usually installed on most card for the last 20 years so it is not a problem for the company to add this feature. After installed the drivers monitor vehicle’s performance and it’s actual location. The connectivity will also act as Wi-Fi hotspot for anyone on the car to connect to the internet together with other devices while on travel.

This Auto device Connect feature will be run by Samsung’s Tizen OS and it will be released on market in second quarter of 2016. Samsung says that AT&T will be one of the pioneering carrier to offer in United States and will have LTE speeds when connected to network.

The pricing of the connectivity feature was not yet announced and as soon as it will be out their we will let you know as soon as possible, so keep updated.

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