Samsung’s Mobile Pay Racks Up to 5 Million Individual Users

Samsung Mobile Pay

Samsung Pay is making a kick off on its start, so if you ask me about Samsung. The recent company reports on Samsung’s Mobile Pay recorded more than up 5 million users just in the first month of launch.

Samsung Mobile Pay

The start off seems to be amazing, with an initial amount of $500 million total purchases over the first half of the year of its launch. This explains that the feature has good market adoption, both South Korea and United States. The amount seems to be not a big deal in terms of global share, but to note Samsung was still on its pioneering test and soon to expand to Canada, China, Australia, Spain, Singapore, Brazil, and United Kingdom.

As top date question are still on the air concerning on how well it affect other payment services. Apple has not yet divulged its official figures, but they have launch its local version of the Chinese Apple Pay expected this week claims, this was said by some iPhone owners that was notified. From record a total of 38 million cards link to apple account. The company noted its staggered pay sign-ups in order to cope with the demand.

Still in the end, no guarantee if those users will patronize the feature but it is clear that Samsungwill expand its service and become a mobile payment provider.

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