Samsung’s Wi-Fi Enabled Case

Today’s most connected ranges have its own built app that allow users to control its oven, but not the burners, which was undeniably a difficult task for developers to date but it’s not possible.

Samsung’s Wi-Fi Enabled Case

Samsung’s Smart Home application now takes a baby step with cook top control adding notification to the device notifying the owner that there was something on the house left on.

The Smart app works with all Samsung’s device with latest Wi-Fi connected ranges that started making way to its major retailers. So we got the NE58K9850WG, this is a black stainless electric slide range with a built in Wi-Fi.

You can now use Samsung’s Home app for you to set oven’s temperature and even the cook timers, even turning your oven off and on now possible. The app includes illustration of cooktop burners that will then turn blue on screen if one is still on in real time.

Samsung does not have a lock feature on its smart ranges and ovens brands like GE, Whirlpool and Jenn-Air that have added a Wi-Fi to ranges, and manufacturers have tried out other wireless connectivity types. But Samsung’s cooktop information is ambitious move to give insight in your appliance while away.

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