Save Almost $100 When Your Upgrade To HTC 10

HTC now fulfilling its promises for its loyal customers by offering $100 discount on its latest flagship HTC 10 when they upgrade from One M9 or One M8 that has never used the Uh Oh Protection, but there are $100 discounts given to some fans and new rounds of code will be released soon.

Save Almost $100 When Your Upgrade To HTC 10
Save Almost $100 When Your Upgrade To HTC 10

A reminder for those who are planning to upgrade, you cannot combine the last discount code with the recent device upgrade code, so you might get the original price that was $499. For some the phone was somewhat too expensive on its launch date

For those who are aiming for the discount, you can claim your code of $100 off on your next purchase of HTC 10, so to qualify make sure that you One M8 or the M9 did not made any redemption regarding Uh Oh Protection.

So if you are one of those HTC 10 fans not on its software, there are rumors circulating about the HTC Nexus this 2016.  But still there was not credible authors that can support the rumors, and still the information was not yet clear. But as soon as we have hint on it we will then publish it here immediately.

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