Save as much as 20% Android Battery When You Remove Facebook App

According to research Facebook does not track record with its app specifically on Androids. This has been an issue that users long complained about performance issues and apps keep sucking up battery.

Save Android Battery

The issue still there, though some manufacturers ditch it out, and recently Android blogger Russell Holly suggested to Facebook apps, starting a chain reaction which revealed interesting about app’s performance. Prompted to Holly’s revelation was that life on Android was better without Facebook’s app, a user tested the app’s impact on performance of LG G4.

They found out that that when Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps were uninstalled, other apps on smartphone launched around 15% faster. They again tested 15 separate apps, and documented the findings, leading other users to test other devices. And they found out similar results when testing for app loading performance.

After some reading on Holly’s post, I decided to explore other options for accessing Facebook, for me to see if the actual app loading and I could improve my smartphone’s battery life.

I left Facebook Messenger app installed, but swapped Facebook app for the app called Metal, acts as wrapper for Facebook’s mobile site. Over the course of a day my device Huawei Nexus 6P had save 20% more battery. So therefore, this was true on average for every day for the week tried.

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