Second Xiaomi Redmi 1s sales to commence 9th of September

Xiaomi Redmi 1s second India sale (2)

After smashing through 40,000 sales in just 4 seconds on Tuesday, Xiaomi is prepared for even more Bollywood action as it readies it’s Redmi 1s smartphone for another round of sales that will hold on 9th September.

Xiaomi Redmi 1s second India sale
Details uncovered after the sales showed that over 2.5 million potential customers registered on Flipkart before Tuesday to buy up the product but it was only the lucky, first few 40,000 people that managed to get the available units.

The company didn’t specify how many units of the Redmi 1s smartphone will be offered on that day but it’s obvious that at least 40k (even more is expected) of the phone will be made available. The phone will be offered at the price of INR 5,999.


  1. Its clear that they following superb business tricks.their strategy is beating all markets by using fame of sold out in seconds statements.clearly, my friends using wifi connection and watching every second refreshing browser to get redmi 1s from 1.40pm,but they did nt get it.coz all fake statements from fl*p cart,(already they selling bulky to shops) gets people to want to buy it.but you will not get a single phone.after they created redemand ,may be you will get.its business .

    • 100% correct.even the phone body design is very huge radiation and heat comes(on mi 3).so now this 1s will assure it will give heavy radiation and heat.i got mi 3(15000) on shop who got from flipcart.

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