Will We See iOS 9.3 Jailbreak?

Ok let’s make it all clear here, basically people are negative on possible of iOS 9.3 jailbreak releasing in the digital world. Talking to Todesco 9.3 was extremely not easy jailbreaks to pull off and with that would not likely make them decide to be available to public.

Well, I am not saying that it is impossible because we have witness crazy stuff in the past years, but those were just small. And the last release of iOS 9.1 was much probable.

According to them Todesco, “iOS 9.1 was very easy to jailbreak you just take Pangu 9 and then replace the bug, then that’s it ‘whoola’ you have the jailbroken version.
Since common jailbreaks requires chain of exploits and replacing replace them makes everything lot easier.

So if iOS 9.3 are so tricky to jailbreak, then how Luca managed to do it? Why he is not releasing it on public? Is he trolling? Or faking it?

First of all he’s not a faker. Todesco recently reported loads of bugs to Apple and that is what they always cited on its security brief regularly. In the recent release of the recent jailbreak Todesco played fundamental role into it. What he had shown was all real and it up to him if he will release it on public or just keeping it working by himself.

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