Selfie App from Microsoft that Shares iPhone Self Portraits


The main objective on the latest Microsoft’s Selfie app that runs on iPhones is to share every pretty face with the digital world, but for some doing some picture enhancement sometimes troublesome as it does not meet the personal criteria.

This will be a bit tongue in cheek, but what do you think? Or don’t you think that Microsoft agrees? Recently the company quietly updated its Selfie application adding a sharing feature that makes it exactly trifling to pander to in a public vanity.

The app is simple, you tap one button for it to post your latest shot directly on your Facebook account link to it, or another to bring up iOS sharing dialogue and you can even spread the joy you have through other apps.

The app brings few interface and tweaks, although you are not about to get lost if you have been trying Selfie regularly, as for newer versions of Android or Windows 10 Mobile? As of now there was no concrete information about the promising features selfie synchronizing it with more platforms, the iOS edition was just the first app out of the gate.

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