Silent Update on HTC One M10 leaks

As MWC (Mobile World Congress) is fast approaching, bringing a glut of smartphones this 2016. In years, MWC has become the biggest launch platform for all mobile hardware.

We already had seen wide range of leaks appearing a number of devices. We have seen how Samsung Galaxy S7 plans exposed, seen plenty of anticipation surrounding LG G5, with company starting to tease about what is to come.

But among all of those exposed information, HTC remain silent. There has been much no word with the next HTC flagship handset, dubbed M10 or the Perfume. Either HTC got really good at keeping its secrets and let us take not that not even Apple manages to keep all of its devices under wraps these days.

Droid Life report a discussion on a China Taiwan Forum, suggesting HTC is not going to launch HTC One M10 this MWC 2016. Instead launching it later, perhaps this coming March.

The discussions in the forum suggest that HTC sent number of prototypes back to the leaked drawing board as it is not happy with the said design.

Design plays a huge part of HTC’s strategy over the years. In 2015, HTC One M9 was criticized for being too similar to M8 and not progressive enough, while HTC One A9 was also criticized for close resemblance to the iPhone 6.

These information explains why HTC One M10 remains something a mystery, as it might not made it to manufacturing where number of these leaks appeared in past.

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