Simple Methods To Improve Your Website’s SEO And Increase Traffic

Creating a website is one thing, driving traffic is another. This article will lead you through steps you can apply to improve your website’s search engine optimization and improve your website visitors marginally.

First you must ask: What is SEO?
Search engine optimization or SEO as people choose to call it simply means improving your website’s relationship with search engines like so that you rank better and higher in search engine results.

Simple ways you can improve website’s SEO

Simple Methods To Improve Your Website's SEO And Increase Traffic

Blog commenting
Get your links on high ranking websites. You can achieve this only if you have useful content that people can refer to when blogging or discussing on other websites. However, some website owners generate spam backlinks which most Google bots frown on.
If you must generate backlinks, do it whitehat. One way to get backlinks legally is to comment on other websites and blogs with your website’s URL as signature.

Web directories
Submit your website to web directories. Though this will provide you backlinks which I mentioned above, your URL being on web directories will set your website on the path to search engine authority. People also visit web directories sometimes just to see which websites to visit, that is an added bonus if you have your URL on as much directories as possible. One way you can outsource your web directory submission is to order a web directory submission GIG on Fiverrr.

Social bookmarking
Though the main purpose of this is to generate direct traffic, social bookmarking will leave permant backlinks of yours and improve your SEO on the long run.

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