Skype On iOS Now Gets Office Support From Microsoft

Just recently Skype officially supports office documents on its applications, this recent move enables user to immediately open documents files within the conversations.

Skype On iOS Now Gets Office Support From Microsoft

The update is available both iPad Apps and iPhone, this integration of Microsoft office is an extension of company’s tie up between Microsoft office and Skype that offers free video and even voice calls with OneNote, Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

So now while you are in the middle of chat with your Skype list contacts you can then received at the same time open the documents just within the application.

This announcement spread on news and follows similar update that was done last month on all Android with Skype, added with this handful features that includes Microsoft office support.

So even send you office file from iOS you can open it in Android Supported skype and by tapping it will do the download and execution of the file. Office application or other third party applications are no longer needed.

This recent update is a signal on Microsoft’s efforts in unifying its products. The recent Skype update on iOS lets you save some video messages on your camera roll.

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