Skype New Client Download For Android and iOS Now Available

As far as  we remember, Skype discuses about its future plans to roll out some free group video call that can run both iOS and Android platform.

Skype New Client Download For Android and iOS Now Available

Well, we believed that the future is here, it seem that Skype developers already released its latest version of Skype which includes awesome feature that can synch both iOS and Android platforms.

As we posted last week, Skype confirmed availability of group video calling feature for iOS and Android located in Western Europe and North America.  All accounts from mentioned regions now able to enjoy the group video calls directly from their iOS/Android handsets and even tablets. This recent update was confirmed by Skype saying that the complete rollout will soon start within this month of February to March.

May we remind our readers that that last month, users had its option for them pre-register for the test out of Skype group video calling feature on their device, and just month later of the Skype preview tests, developers decided this feature is now ready for general public.

The latest Skype feature allows owners of iOS and Android device to talk up to 25 friends at same time, instead of 5.

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