Smarphone Boom Put Camera Makers In Market Difficulty

Smarphone Boom Put Camera Makers In Market Difficulty

Undeniably most camera makers around the globe struggle hard to stay within the smartphone wave, today most people use smartphone in taking pictures, in fact why would some people bothered getting a separate device in getting pictures perhaps you can just have them at one.

Smarphone Boom Put Camera Makers In Market Difficulty

The convenient of using your smartphone to take pictures of something, of course you can put your device on your pocket and after taking pictures you can even send it to your friends in an instant.

Obviously the selfie mania made camera industry in its worst market nightmare, added with upgraded features on each device making it worst.

Today’s rapid shift of taking picture with the use of smartphones dominated most popular giant firms like Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Sony all about digital camera, but just that it almost completely destroy the era of photographic films way back decade ago.

As number says, around 130 million sold worldwide in the year 2011 and here we are now after four years it shift down drastically move down to 47 million.

This drastic collapse was recently underscored as camera firms maker published its financial results, showing weak sales.

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