Your Smartphone Could Turn Your Fingers ‘Pinky”


Does your ‘pinky’ look like it bent? Now blame your smartphone
Have you noticed your fingers turning ‘Pinky’ as you are busy texting on your smartphone? If your answer is “yes” then you are not alone.

“Smartphone Pinky” perceived bend in little finger on every users dominant hand. By using the device for atlest six hours a day this situation might occur as what Sydney Morning Herald reported.

Dave Parson of Curtin University in Australia quoted saying “Although the chances of a person permanently bending their finger through smartphone use are ‘pretty slim’, it would take a minimum of around six hours a day of an applied force on soft tissue to evoke change,” Dave Parsons.

The bend purported to have caused the weight of smartphone that user holds, with one’s smallest finger at base while other fingers supports the device along its longer side).
“With the size of the face of phones increasing, the thumbs now have to move a greater distance when using the phone,” he noted.

So the easiest technique to avoid this type of injury is to avoid long, sustained periods of use. So the next time you use your favorite device, think of what could happen after.

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