Smartphone Gyrometer Data Will be Used by Uber In Order To Monitor Speeding Drivers


We have heard about Uber and sometimes the driver seems a little more hurry than it should be. Once you hop out the Uber and completed the ride, you are left with the app asking about your personal experience on the ride. This is a great opportunity for clients to voice out concerns and this helps the company’s in balancing drivers’ feedback in order to be fair both sides.

So to get the lowdown, Uber recently announced that they are running a pilot program that uses drivers’ their smartphone gyrometer to gather some information about customers ride experience. Checking if the driver is checking his phone several times during the ride or even measuring how fast driving is going, Uber believes that this will help them assess on their drivers performance and rated fairly.

Obviously the applications have reach to the point talking about customer satisfaction. Allowing Uber to harness greater deal to see how their individual drivers operating their vehicles in designated areas.

The company believes that this type of monitoring has clear safety benefit to both passengers and drivers, that they can easily identify driver’s who have fail to follow company’s driving guidance. If the company can identify the average speed in certain area then cross check with drivers who are bit faster, they may received negative ratings.

Speeding is considered a serious stuff, it is important that Uber keeps their drivers in monitor, even if they are independent contractors and even though the company is not paying their speeding tickets.

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