Why your smartphone overheats, how to deal with it

Why your smartphone overheats, how to deal with it

Have you ever wondered why your phone overheats, in case you’ve at one point or the other wondered this, then, there is no one answer that can suffice for this question as your phone may be overheating due to one factor or a combination of them.

Overheating can however cause severe problems with the smartphone as it could sometimes damage the internal components.

Sometimes, overheating of your smartphone may make it burst into flames as recorded in some reports of flaming smartphones.

It is important to be able to differentiate between when your phone is warm, heated up and when it is overheating.
Sometimes when playing heavy games and when charging, your phone may warm up, it is however safe between 35-42 degrees of temperature, any number above this range should be considered carefully.

Overheating may be caused by the processor as some prpvesspf such as the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 and 615 have been known for their heating issues.
Why your smartphone overheats, how to deal with it
Overheating could also be caused by excessive usage of your smartphone especially when you put it under pressure from high-end games which require the processor and graphics.

The battery could also play an important role in overheating of a smartphone as some Li-ion batteries have been known to suffer from a term known as ‘thermal runaways’.

Poor signal may also cause your phone to overheat as it continuously stresses itself to establish a cellular reception connection.

To avoid overheating, make sure you do not subject your smartphone to prolonged usage when playing high-end games and avoid continuous use for too long at a stretch.

However, sometimes, overheating could be caused by a bad battery so you might need a replacement.

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