Smartphones Needs To Upgrade to the Next Level


Technology has keeps moving to the next level, Imagine even your remote control has been revolutionized on how people watched TV making channel surfing doable, allowing viewers to avoid any commercials and forcing brands to work harder for attention.

In this generation, remote control becomes smarter and more effective by integrating it on smartphone. It is no longer used to make life easier but used to run your life.
The explosion of smartphone apps, and willingness to use them to order a dinner, to chat, to bank and even to maintain healthy lifestyle is not just evolutionary, but revolutionary.

As most consumers, we have the power to decide how all-encompassing smartphone will help our everyday lives. The advent of smartphone as remote for our lives resulted in a switch of behavioral change for consumers, and behavior for brands.

This age is personalized and even customized with connectivity. Consumers control their online destinies. Groceries can now be ordered online and delivered by local market, sometimes fresh, premeasured items to prepare meals. Every consumer decide delivery times, and how they like to be notified when order is processed, and whether it decides to repurchase another one after their next order.

Smartphones plays an important role in everyone’s safety and even security. For example empowers customers to set simple home alarms even when away from house. It also enables consumers to adjust temperature in their homes with just few taps from smartphone app.

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