Smuggled iOS App From China Booted Out

Smuggled iOS App From China Booted Out

A deceitful application evaded Apple’s hard line code reviewers and even made it to Cupertino’s App Store has been booted out.

Smuggled iOS App From China Booted Out

The said app features hidden smugglers working silently in the process was ejected after it was detected out by security researchers.

Palo Alto Networks recently explained that though Happy Daily English app pretends to be an English tool that can be sued by users outside China, the app secretly offers a separate store which will lead to a secret store that will lead to cracked iOS app and pirated app as well to China users.

We all know that App Store has strict implementation of its review process. The mandatory policy imposed in order for the app to be accepted to Apple’s walled garden was an important mechanism in order to protect the privacy as well as security of all iOS users.

As of now no single malicious app behaviors has been detected by Happy Daily English, however some techniques was used in order to get on Apple’s review are novel and has potential abuse.

The iOS Happy Daily English app allows its user to make purchase on Apple App Store

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