Snapchat Generates 10 Billion Video Views Daily

Believe it or not, Snapchat’s users watch not less than 10 billion videos a day, this data was according to a recent report from Bloomberg.

Snapchat Generates 10 Billion Video Views Daily

This time, the data was 2 billion more than most numbers shared on social medias like Facebook, which made public last November. In addition to the information, Bloomberg reports more than third of Snapchat users has post to applications daily Stories app feature, where the videos and the photos can be viewed for 24 hours before it will disappear.

The company is very tight lipped about this information as it numbers as well, but the CEO at the same time the founder Evan Spiegel revealed last February that their service has 100 million or more daily users. Users spend average of 25 to 30 minutes using the Snapchat every day, and about 60 percent of those users use Snapchat to send private their messages to its friends.

Facebook surely generating 8 billion or even more daily views, especially with recent rollout of live video feature, but Snapchat has fraction of daily users that Facebook has been producing, which boasts 1 billion daily users and about 1.65 billion users monthly.

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