Snapdragon 820 and Improved Screen for HTC One M10


The rumored HTC phone was expected to be different than its earlier versions  this was what HTC fans talk about on tech communities.


HTC wants its new 2016 flagship device to be improved and more innovative. This only means that the new device might have a fresh new look.

New design seems to be good, but one feature that will be added on HTC M10 is the new generation charging known as wireless charging. So if One M10 decides to support this kind of feature, HTC would have to change its old design and convert it to all metal body so this means it would be totally different from M9, since wireless charging with metals does not work a hundred percent.

HTC M10 was also due for screen upgrade. As we know that today’s smartphones are already Quad HD displays, this includes M9 and would not make any sense if it will be the same with M10.

One feature M10 is its special chip. The said chip perhaps one the most important components it has. Highly anticipated Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor expected in most flagship phones this 2016, including One M10.

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