A Sneak Peak with Huawei’s P9 Prototype

The Heavily covered Huawei P9 shows in wild, contrasting with its last model, Huawei’s presence during the recently held Mobile World Congress was muted.

A Sneak Peak with Huawei’s P9 Prototype

Huawei launched its two in one Windows tablet with a twist of laptop crossover but not a chrome and android based system. But to think there was a good reason for the company not to get through with Google powered products.

So if this rumored are true, Huawei now preparing its official launch on P-series devices at something nearer or sooner when the entire testing’s done.

Introducing the P9 series this is Huawei’s successor of P8. The device will be launched on a separate event, and to think this device has variety of variations. This includes a Lite, Max and Regular options and of course it has high end spec version with large amount of RAM and dual camera as well.

As to date we do not have any information on the device specifications, but based from the common device in the market, the company either to move upward or stay on what is in the market. So we will be expecting something in compete with Samsung Galaxy S7.

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