Sneak Peak Of What Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone Could Look Like

Sneak Peak Of What Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone

The “Re-imagine Design” this was the pair of Galaxy phones that recently appear and looked like brushed metal edges that Samsung introduced last year’s. Samsung made it as its flagship phones out of plastic for years before switching to metal and glass, which gives their devices more premium feel like Apple’s iPhone.

Sneak Peak Of What Samsung’s Next Galaxy Phone

Tech expert posted image of the new phones from different angle on VentureBeat, Samsung’s most important upgrades found inside the device, as phones expected to feature larger batteries and faster processors, this was according to the information that we manage to gather. Both phones come with microSD card slot, allows users to add extra storage without upgrading the device. Samsung particularly omitted this common device feature from last year to some users’ dismay.

Our source points out that the camera inside Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge also different, if Blass’ report was accurate. Samsung said to be using new module believed to be better equipped capture photos specially in low light conditions.

This module said to have 12 megapixel resolution sensor, compared to 16 megapixel camera on Galaxy S6. As experts pointed out, however, the number of megapixels is not always the best indicator of camera quality.

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