Sony Creates A Life Changing Remote Control

Just in, Sony successfully creates a simple remote control that controls user’s life.

Sony Creates A Life Changing Remote Control

Seriously, so here’s the catch, we already have a built in remote controls in ourselves. So even the time that we used our smartphones regularly, but most of our devices at home like Radio, Apple TV, etc are still designed with their premade remote controls.

So the idea is simple, what if you can control those things with your device? Amazing right? So by your smartphone you do that, so draining your device battery life will not be put into waste, and this feature might make sense.

You want a single remote for all the things around you?, that is possible but requires huge battery life, and it’s easy to manipulate, well you will be surprised that it might come on market and that is ready to go.

Sony reportedly researching in order to solve those simple problems, a device added with HUIS e-Ink remote. As a start, the device may have a price tag of $250 and it can control other devices thru infrared or Bluetooth. Users can program anything with and the only thing you need is to charge remote just one time per month, thanks to the device battery saving.

The device seems not very high tech to thing, and might solve problem that currently some are frustrated with it. And now with Sony Huis, even you’re Regular TV, the cable box and Apple TV can be controlled.


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