Sony has a new flagship in the works, but we shouldn’t expect it at MWC


Just last month, the rumour mill was active with the suggestion that Sony is looking to launch a new device – a flagship to be precise – and this one is supposed to come at MWC holding at Barcelona this month. According to the rumour, this device would have a 4K display, and this means that it would be on the line of the Z5 Premium which also carries like type of display. Today, we got another leak to set us back a little while in our hopes for launch.
According to the twitter handle @ricciolo1 – a trusted tipster when it comes to mobile phones – Sony might be in the works over a new flagship but we should surely not expect it to be made official at MWC. Even if this is true, it could still be that Sony is looking to show prototypes of what they are developing to their partners at this show. 
Looking at this from another angle, it could be expected that the hoarding of all initial Snapdragon 835 chips by Samsung is delay in the launch of this Sony flagship.
Like we should expect on a flagship for 2017, it has been rumoured that the Sony powerhouse would also employ the SD 835 SoC, we expect Sony to wait out the time before the chips get available again.

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