Sony Mobile posts $197 million loss, increased smartphone sales

Sony has posted their financial sheets for the 2nd quarter of 2013 (Like Apple, Sony’s fiscal year isn’t in rhythm with most, their Q2 means Q3 for most companies).
Sony Mobile posts $197 million loss, increased smartphone sales

The Japanese company posted a $4.27 billion revenue for it’s mobile department in the quarter, a 39.3% year-on-year growth. But then, there’s a $197 million loss for the unit that soldĀ 10 million Xperia Z smartphones during quarter.

Sony’s game division reported a 5.1% increase in sales, a total of $1.6 billion, but not without an operating loss of $8 million. PS2 and PS3 sales declined greatly but then sales of the PS Vita were on the increase.

Sony Imaging Products & Solutions posted a loss of $24 million, caused by a decrease in sales of digital cameras and video cameras, in other words, a 6.9% sales decrease.

Sony Home Entertainment & Sound, the unit in charge of Sony Bravia televisions also had sales decline but somehow managed to increase revenue by 11.8% while finally posting a loss of $123 million.

Sony Financial Services was once again the best department in terms of dough, raking in $400 million, a 25.7% year-on-year growth.

Sony Pictures managed to make some $99 million but reported a loss just like the others.

You can take a close look at Sony’s financial turnover by seeing the document in the source link.


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