Sony Rumored Killing Xperia Z line Series Smartphone

Obviously Sony Brand has quite number of ‘Z’ phone series. Starting with its original Xperia Z1 way back 2013 ending with Z5, Z5 Compact, and the Z5 Premium, to the record the company releases two Z phones almost per year, and undeniably most device are high-end models.

Sony Rumored Killing Xperia Z line Series Smartphone

This time it looks like Sony will be ending its Z line. When the company was recently asked about the future Z series, the marketing manager of Sony Mobile refused to make any statement regarding the future of Z series, but instead says that they will not be launching Z6, but instead said that the company will be moving to the next stage of its series device, the Xperia X.

So if you have been reading with this week’s Mobile World Congress event, the X series is one of the latest device series by Sony. The company will not abandon the Z series but they are going to redesign and refine the device with metallic cover, especially on X Performance series as top of the line to date.

Its hard to make statement whether this two series will be enough for Sony to steam the mobile market. But a simple indication that they are rethinking a new product to offer in the market.

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