Sony to use more MediaTek chipsets this year


When the Sony Xperia E4 was announced, many of us who saw the chipset listed as a 1.3GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6582 were surprised at first, thinking it’s a typo. However, more chipsets like this are on the way to Sony midrange and low end smartphones, a report from Taiwan declares.

Sony’s mobile-making division is a company bleeding in red ink for the past couple of quarters and it seems the executives think they have finally found a tactic to readjust to profit once again by using a less costly chipset in smaller phones.

Another big company who made the bold move to quit Qualcomm is Samsung. The Korean phone maker is going to use an in-house-made Exynos chipset for its next-level flagship, leaving Qualcomm to lament the loss of “a major player” during the company’s financial call earlier this month.

With that being said, Sony customers should get used to MediaTek chipsets, they are not as bad after all. Apple who uses dual-core A-XX processors made by Samsung are running buttery smooth experience on their iPhones so with a good optimization, Sony could make lag-free mid rangers with budget processors.

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