Sony Xperia C4 currently sells for $149.99 via Best Buy

Taking selfies are great, but it just got better when Sony launched the Xperia C4 sometimes last year. What became the major selling point of this smartphone wasn’t the great front facing camera that came with the smartphone but the LED flash that accompanied the selfie shooter, making it possible to capture your face in better ways and even in low light situations.

Last October was when we started to see the units of this device that ran the US compliant 4G LTE bands and at that time, they were retailing for $275 apiece and unlocked.

It is now over a year late since the device first saw the light of day and from Best Buy, there is a great deal that is currently placed on the smartphone and while the stock is still available, you can get yourself a unit for $149.99.

Unlocked, this smartphone should work on the AT&T, T-Mobile, and the numerous MVNOs out there. To get this, you should know that the deal is only feasible if you buy from their online stores and you can also order in black. Availability doesn’t take long also as it was stated that one business day is the maximum shipping time.

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