Sony Xperia X Compact gets another price cut in the US, sells for under $300

Sony Xperia X Compact gets another price cut in the US, sells for under $300

The Sony Xperia X Compact is spiralling downwards in terms of the price that it has on it and there seems to be nothing that anyone can do to save it from tis downward trend. Just in the space of two weeks, the device which is being sold in the United States markets also has seen its price drop three times already and if it keeps up this kind of fate, we might start see it in the same boat as the Lumia devices from Microsoft that drop-in price with each passing week.
Just yesterday, you would have been required to shell out $349.99 to get yourself a unit of the device but right now, you would be treated to an even better deal as a massive $50 rebate has been given to interested customers to snag a unit for just $299.99 now. To be specific, this deal listing is from the stables of Best Buy and while we do not know if it is a limited time offer or not, we do know that they have applied this price cut across all of the colour options that are on the device.

Going over to Amazon however, only the white and black colours are being sold at this rate and the blue is slightly more expensive at $399.99

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