Sony Xperia X Compact now available in Europe through their online stores

Slowly but efficiently, Sony is getting its smartphones into different markets and although the Sony Xperia X Compact has already been launched for sales in Europe, they have expanded their scope in the country. Before, you could only get to lay hands on a unit of the device from certain stores around the country but starting now, you can head over to their official website and order a unit for yourself from there.

The online stores that have this are not just limited to one country as you can get it in various countries across Europe such as, but not limited to, Poland, UK, Germany, France, Spain Italy, Sweden and the Czech Republic. In all of these online stores also, you have the chance to choose across all the colour variants that are available.

As for the pricing, the phone would cost you £379 in the UK, set you back some SEK 4290 in Sweden, take some PLN 1999 away from you in Poland in every other place, you would be shelling out nothing less than €449.

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