Sony Xperia X Compact shows up on GFXBench, reveals slightly decieving specs


The Sony Xperia X Compact did a very quick one on us, starting from the point in time when it was first leaked to the time when it was finally made official and now, it has paid a visit to the GFXBench where it is believed to have left some specs behind for us all to see. The thing there is, the specs themselves smell of fraud and they might have been engineered in such a way that we would be thrown off tail totally as regards this one.

For one, the GFXBench tests reveals that the X Compact would be running a CyanogenMod which is quite disturbing since we know that Sony has their own internal software which could be used instead. Considering that rooting a CM device could help in tampering with benchmark tests, we advise that you take this info with a pinch of salt.

The tests we saw revealed the same 4.6 inches’ screen that we have always heard of but differs in the fact that this screen would be 1080p now instead of the initial 720p that was always recorded.

Under the hood remains the QUALCOMM snapdragon chipset because they can’t wait for the next generation of SoC and to round things up, there is the internal configuration of 4GB RAM and an internal storage space of 64GB. For the camera units, you would be getting that on the front as an 8MP snapper while behind, a 13MP shooter is perfectly placed.

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