The Sony Xperia X Performance sells for $120 lesser on eBay

Sony Xperia X Performance sale

The Sony Xperia X Performance has been talked about for a while and last week, it became available for purchases in the United States. A variety of retailers got this device on their hands and even though we must confess that it offers a whole truckload of interesting specifications, shelling out a whopping $700 for the smartphone would be considered a strain on the pockets of many.

However, if you would still like to use this device but do not have that much to give out at once, a seller on eBay is offering you a great deal on the Xperia X Performance at a price of $579.99. Not only is this price significantly lower than the initial and recommended price, the seller is also one that have had a positive rating of up to 98.1% on the online retailing platform.

Don’t think that these are refurbished or second hand devices but are very new too and should you opt for it, you save a great $120 on the company price.

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