Sony Xperia XZ preorder sells out in just 45 minutes in Taiwan


This year has to be one of those that the management of Sony would want to forget in a jiffy and that is due to the performances that they have been able to get on their mobile division. For one, they changed drastically from the Xperia Z line-up which did well to an Xperia X line-up which not only surprised and failed to entice a lot of fans and new users but with a further hike in price, made it a rather unappealing project again.

Asides that, the decision to leave fingerprint scanners out of the US variants didn’t sit well with a lot of customers at all.

Leaving that asides, the OEM now has reason to smile as they have recorded a nice success in Taiwan and going on in that way, they would have a good fourth quarter to report. In the region, their reorder programme for the Xperia XZ units started and ended within just 45 minutes, indicating a very strong interest in one of the devices of this manufacturer again.

What they gave to the customers interested pre-ordering the device was enough incentive though with the addition of a 16GB USB Type C connector, two cases and a charging dock too. At this rate, Sony is planning to regain their place again.

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