In South Africa, the Sony Xperia Z1 is not ‘waterproof’

The Advertising Standards Authority in South Africa has ordered Sony to stop using ‘waterproof’ alongside it’s Xperia Z1 smartphone at the end of drama that ensued from an incident.

Xperia Z1 in water
According to Xperia Blog, an SA woman filed a damage complaint when her Sony Xperia Z1 was spoilt after using the smartphone in water. Sony refused to repair the phone saying it’s “water resistant” and not “waterproof”. This prompted the agency to jump into the trial and concluded that Sony should stop using the term “waterproof” in any of it’s Xperia Z1 adverts since the company itself said it isn’t.

“The complainant submitted, in essence, that the advertisement is misleading as it implies that the advertised device is waterproof whereas the complainant’s device stopped working a day after she had used it in water. Her cellular service provider refused to repair the phone, insisting that it is merely ‘water resistant’, and not ‘waterproof’ as claimed.”

Sony also insisted that the phone’s ports weren’t closed well, of which the woman persisted otherwise. The Japanese company is still yet to issue an official statement on the matter though the case appears closed for now.

The South African advertising authority lashed out a few rules to Sony afterwards:

Accordingly the term “waterproof” in a context that appears to align with “water-resistant” is misleading, and in contravention of Clause 4.2.1 of Section II of the Code.

  • The word “waterproof” in relation to this phone must be withdrawn;
  • The process to withdraw the word “waterproof” in relation to this phone must be actioned with immediate effect on receipt of ruling;
  • The withdrawal of the word “waterproof” must be completed within the deadlines stipulated by Clause 15.3 of the Procedural Guide; and
  • The word “waterproof” may not be used again in relation to this phone in manner that suggests anything other than water-resistant capabilities.


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